About 'The Message of You'

Readers Talk About Their Messages


Your Message is the authentic condensation of everything you are: from the skills you acquired in your past jobs to the life lessons you gleaned on your journey from mess to success. It is your credentials, your heart and the gifts you can share with the world. It is the reason you exist.

Understanding your Message of You differentiates you immediately. In a world of hype, reality shines brightly. Before you deliver that speech, write that book, start that business, apply for that job, you better know your Message of You.

Tell us your message by filling in this formula:

  1. I’ve have credentials from ____________________. 
    (insert credentials; i.e. jobs, college degrees, awards, etc.)
  2. Personally, in my life I’ve gone from  ________________  to  ________________ .
    (insert your mess to success story; i.e. grew up poor and was the first person in my family to graduate from college.)
  3. And I want to teach ____________________.
    (insert your audience; i.e. women, high school kids, theater majors, people in the workplace, etc.)
  4. How they can overcome ____________________. 
    (insert what problems you are qualified to help others overcome; i.e. unemployment, addiction, stress, etc.)