Marketing for Comics: Social Media Strategies for Comedians That Actually Work

Judy Carter

Judy Carter doesn’t like to brag, but she did write the Bible. No joke, she’s the author of “The Comedy Bible” (Simon & Schuster) and Judy’s book, “The Message of You: Turn Your Life Story into a Money-Making Speaking Career” (St. Martin’s Press), teaches readers how to use speaking to increase their business and income.

Josh Spector is an audience growth strategist and creator of the For The Interested newsletter. The former head of digital media and marketing for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, he continues to oversee digital strategy for The Oscars in addition to working with entertainment industry clients and creative professionals.

In this webinar, Judy Carter, author of “The Comedy Bible,” along with her comedy writing friends will show you how you can add laughs to any speech.

Marketing for Comics: Social Media Strategies for Comedians That Actually Work

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Comics are confused about how to “make it.” Many comics wonder, “I’ve been doing it a long time. I got good. I’m getting laughs so why isn’t my career taking off?”

In this webinar, Audience Growth Strategist, Josh Spector will share insider secrets on what every performer needs to do to get followers, sellout venues, and build their career success.

If you are thinking that the way to get successful is getting an agent, think again. The Gatekeeper world of comedy has been blown to bits. Before, the road to riches was clear — get a club owner to green light you, get an agent, a manager, and then field TV and movie offers. The good news is that now there are NO GATEKEEPERS TO STOP YOUR CAREER from happening as every performer can now use social media to build their own audience. The bad news is that everyone is trying to do that and competing for the attention of the same people.

This webinar will show you how to develop marketing skills to STANDOUT.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Common mistakes that most comics make that ruin their chances of success.
  • How to use social media to amplify your brand to connect to audiences, fill seats, and motivate your fans to spread the word about you.
  • Use social media to connect, not to broadcast.
  • How choosing a specific target audience is critical.
  • Get the of the RIGHT followers rather than MORE followers.
  • Why getting EVERYONE to love you is holding you back.
  • How to work marketing into your standup set without being hack.

DATE: TUESDAY August 27, 2019

TIME: 6pm to 7pm (Pacific Time)