How to Use Periscope to Create Income and Followers


Katya VarbanovaFounder/CEO, of Peri10k,StoryFilters and LivestreamIncome
Katya Varbanova – Founder/CEO, of Peri10k, StoryFilters and LivestreamIncome

How to Use Periscope to Create
Income and Followers
with LiveStreamKatya and Judy Carter

In this interactive webinar, LiveStreamKatya will show how she went from zero followers to not only building a platform of over 35,000 fans, but to making a living using Periscope to build her business.

As what was supposed to be extra income doubled and quadrupled, she quit her day job and now shows beginners as well as social media experts how to use Periscope to build their brand. .

In this Interactive webinar LiveStreamKatya will show you:

  • How Periscope works
  • How to pick the right topics
  • Exactly how to get people to follow you on Persicope
  • And … the top 10 ways to use Periscope that generates income and builds your brand

LiveStreamKatya is a Live streamer and a strategist who helps speakers and brands utilize live streaming to grow their audience online and generate revenue. She’s one of the early adopters on Periscope, who quickly learned the ways of the platform and was able to validate and build her business idea, and within 90 days she quit her banking job. She is the CEO of Peri10k, which is a community for speakers and live streamers and she helps entrepreneurs share their message through live streaming. Today, she is one of the 50 (out of millions of users) GOLD VIP Broadcaster with over 22,000 followers on Periscope and is passionate about teaching others how to generate revenue through live streaming.

Judy Carter doesn’t like to brag, but she did write the Bible. No joke, she’s the author of “The Comedy Bible” (Simon & Schuster) and Judy’s book, “The Message of You: Turn Your Life Story into a Money-Making Speaking Career” (St. Martin’s Press), teaches readers how to use speaking to increase their business and income.


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