The Comedy Bible Workbook: The Interactive Companion to “The New Comedy Bible (Interactive PDF)




This workbook is a must-have for the owners of Judy Carter’s “The New Comedy Bible.”

It provides a proven method for creating, capturing, and honing pro comedy material. Think of it as a “how-to” manual for building a comedy career, joke by joke.

This special PDF version works on all devices including, PCs, Macs, Chrome, Apple and Andriod phones and other devices. You can type in your work, save it and have it available across all devices.

If you prefer manually write in your workbook, the print version is available on Amazon

It provides 5 sections for readers to workshop their material:

  • Section 1: 48 Exercises to Turn Problems into Punchlines
  • Section 2: Jokes in Progress by Topic (Place to write & workshop material in progress)
  • Section 3: My Act: Polished Jokes by Topic (Final resting place of your comedy gems)
  • Section 4: Set Lists (Place to store the running order of your act based on time & theme)
  • Section 5: Morning Writings (30 writing prompts to create material)

“Judy Carter helps others find their authentic persona and communicate it in a way that makes audiences laugh.” – Lily Tomlin”

“Judy Carter’s book gave me the tools to have a successful career in stand-up comedy.” – Maz Jobrani”

“Judy Carter’s comedy-building exercises launched my comedy career.” Sherri Shepherd


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